Will A Televised Impeachment Trial At The Senate Be A Good Or Bad Publicity For President Trump’s Reelection Bid?

A lot of things have happened in the past few weeks that shattered the political and economic stability of the United States of America. Perhaps the biggest one that surprised not only the nation but also the whole world is the historic impeachment of US President Donald Trump in Congress, which makes him one step away from being removed from the highest seat of power.

Granted, the rest of the impeachment proceedings are not yet set in stone, but if President Trump would like to win next year’s polls, an impeachment trial is the last thing that he needs right now.

Impeachment Trial Could Be A ‘Trial By Publicity’ That Goes Against Trump’s 2020 Reelection

President Trump has already started his campaign to win the presidency the second time around by publicly speaking out against his possible rivals. However, it appears that the president is not choosing kinder words for his fellow Republicans who are also dreaming of becoming the United States’ next president. Now that the impeachment proceedings are in full swing, Trump will need his Republican allies now more than ever, but after everything that is said and done, the POTUS might find himself in a rather precarious situation.

As we have already heard in the news, the impeachment proceedings are on its way and the Democrats have successfully pushed for Trump’s impeachment in the House of Representatives. Of course, it is early to say if the impeachment will succeed in the Senate to secure Trump’s removal from office, but for the president who already expressed his intention to serve the country for another four years, the coming weeks will be very challenging as he is trying to win the heart of the nation once again. Of course, there is a lot of time left for Trump’s camp to clear his name and gain popular votes in the process of the impeachment period. If ordinary people can use their time by playing and earning money at the same time, the POTUS can also make use of his time wisely.

Democrats Could Be Able To Claim The White House In 2020 If The Odds Are In Favor For Trump’s Decreasing Trust Rating

Many names have appeared on the news about the possible opponent of President Trump from the Democrats in the 2020 presidential elections. Whoever that chosen Democrat candidate will be, he or she must first prove himself or herself to everyone as the best and the brighest person to lead the country towards real progress and repair the broken pieces that the current administration has caused. For the voters who are feeling so much of the political drama that these impeachment issues have caused, try the ownage app for prank calling to have a little bit of a good laugh.