What Protection to Seek for Your Device?

There are various components of smartphone experience that basically are matter of personal preferences such as:

  • Specific internal components
  • Expandable storage
  • Screen size
  • Exterior materials
  • Software
  • Features

All these things do offer smartphone companies with enough room in differentiating and making unique devices coupled with interesting and exciting selling points. Just among these aspects can make or break your decision in buying a device.

How Resistant Your Device is?

But regardless of what your preferences are, you can expect certain level of base capabilities and features especially those that are in the mid-range to flagship devices. Fact is, it’s the simplest thing that a consumer would expect today.

Just about every tablet and smartphone that is more than few hundred dollars has some sort of water protection feature. However, top-tier models even go so far to be tested and be certified to a certain degree.

While there is great emphasis on water resistance feature, let us not discount the fact that there are cases in which it can only take enough abuse. Similar with smartphone screens, even though it is installed with tough screen on top of the actual screen, it’s still subject to breakage. This is why if you ever experienced such issue, have your iPhone screen repair Sydney to get it fixed ASAP.

Back to the phone’s water resistance feature, you might think that you are treating your device with highest level of care and your phone does not need to have a dust or water resistance. But there are cases when things could go out of hands. Therefore, the phone has to be given enough protection from it.

Important Numbers to be Remembered

As a matter of fact, there are varying protection levels and it is somewhat annoying to decipher. However, if a device has an “IP” rating, then you know that it has extra layer of protection. Anything from the following would actually do:

  • 57
  • 58
  • 67 and;
  • 68

Numbers 5 and 6 is in relation to dust protection while 7 and 8 is in reference to the water protection the device has.