Woman Brutally Murdered in Inner Melbourne

The number of women who were being harassed and unfortunately killed was increasing. This is terrible news.

So keep this in mind, regardless how massive or skinny your attacker is, knowing a man’s vulnerable spots will mean life and death.

The main areas that you have to watch out for are the throat, nose, eyes, knees, groin and chest. Of course, you can attack on any of the said area.

However to play it safe, you must remember the most basic, yet most effective moves targeted at these said locations.


Among the most obvious area where you can launch an attack is at the man’s groin. Literally, all self-defense for women suggest aiming for this part. By hitting this section, it is going to paralyze your attacker and give you enough time to run away.

Use Your Palm

Assuming that there’s still room between you and your attacker; use your palm to protect yourself. What you can do here is to simply straighten your left arm and hit your attacker on the nose and chin with the right arm. Once you were successful doing that, you’re back to basics. Attack him on the groin.

Grabbed from Behind? Not a Problem

In the event that your attacker comes from behind, don’t panic. Bend back and try hitting head-butting the attacker using the back of your head.