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Visit Pontianak – Coffee Capital of Indonesia

In the city of Pontianak, coffee is the clock. Almost 24 hours a day it is possible to drink coffee in the various coffee shops in this city. And that is done en masse.

Warung Kopi (Coffee Shop)

The locals in Pontianak prefer to drink their coffee outside during social events in local coffee shops or Warung Kopi in the local dialect. You could bring with you your best coffee mugs for travel but you will have to pay for the coffee. You will find several Warung Kopi in every street. The best-known street for drinking coffee is Coffee Street where almost every corner is a coffee shop.

Filtered Kopu Tubruk

Forget the hip barista coffees from the big chains in Indonesia such as Starbucks, J.CO and Kopi Luwak. At Pontianak, coffee shops serve a kind of filtered kopi tubruk . Kopi tubruk is a well-known – and perhaps somewhat infamous – coffee-making method in which ground coffee beans are topped with boiling water in a glass or cup. Stir well a few times and then wait quietly until all the sludge has fallen to the bottom of the glass or cup. And then it is mainly a question of careful drinking, because otherwise you still have ground coffee beans at the sip. That doesn’t drink well.

In a local coffee shop, WK Asiang, the coffee is made in large boilers. If someone orders coffee – and that goes on the conveyor belt – then the coffee is stirred again and then poured through a strainer into a small cup. The whole process is called the seduhan technique.

The Coffee Cups

The coffee cups are in typical Indo-Chinese style. Thick ceramic cups with a flower pattern. Below that is a deep saucer that is also filled with coffee due to the coarse pouring method. “That’s a free extra sip,” our supervisor jokes. You can choose from 2 types of coffee: black coffee or milk coffee. In terms of quantity of milk, the milk coffee can be compared with coffee wrong.

Doing Business Involves Coffee

It is wonderful that coffee is so popular here. And many other cities in Indonesia, tea is generally much more popular than coffee as a daily drink. There is also no coffee plantation in the wider area of ​​Pontianak. The coffee that is drunk here is mainly made from coffee beans Sulawesi and Flores. “That’s where the best coffee comes from all over the world,” says the man I speak at the front of the store. And why do people drink so much coffee right here in Pontianak? “No idea, we especially like it and it is the perfect accompaniment for networking.”

That is precisely why it is already so busy in the store. “Before people go to work here, they first drink a cup of coffee in one of the many coffee shops to network there or make work arrangements,” says our supervisor. Doing business is apparently a man’s business, so if you are a woman in a coffee shop doing business, all eyes will definitely be on you.