Twitch Makes Big Improvement In Ongoing COVID-19 Lockdown

Video streaming platforms had improved greatly in the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown as viewer hours increased massively in different categories and channels. According to StreamElements, Twitch’s live-streaming grew massively at a full 45 percent rate between the months of March and April.

Although this live streaming platform is already popular among video gamers, the lockdown period was a boon to the platform since many performing artists started using Twitch in raising funds for a COVID-19 cause, as well as for reconnecting with their fans. Even concert promoters and organizers, took to streaming past musical events and festivals. All to the delight of millions of music fans, especially those sorely disappointed by the cancellation of concerts they had hoped to attend in 2020.

In fact the Music and Performing Arts category at Twitch account for 31% of the noted improvements achieved by the platform.

Notwithstanding that the latest live-streaming numbers show all platforms benefitted from the lockdown period, Twitch is currently enjoying the greatest improvement. The sustained growth is largely due to the collaboration between Twitch and Riot Games in connection with the marketing promotion of Riot’s forthcoming first-person-shooter game “Valorant.”

About the Twitch-Riot Games Collaboration

Last April 07, Riot Games unveiled the beta version of Valorant, a new first-person-shooter (FPS) title. Developers immediately made it known that the game is designed for highly competitive gaming, with the likely possibility of being added to the list of esport games.

In fact, Riot Games, who by the way is also the developer of League of Legends, invited mostly the elite and top-ranked gamers of the most played video titles like Overwatch, Counter Strike and Rainbow Six Siege, to participate in beta testing Valorant.

Those participating have been asked to live stream their Valorant game engagements using the Twitch platform, as the videos will be used as part of Valorant’s promotion. Avid FPS players looking to participate in the beta testing stage had a chance to receive invites via dropped raffle tickets. A ticket is equivalent to at least two hours of viewing a Valorant live-streamed game, which means the more viewer hours spent watching videos in the Valorant channel, the greater the number of tickets being virtually dropped.

In no time, the Valorant channel exploded with millions of video gamers who up to now are spending hours and hours watching live-streamed videos, just to increase their chances of getting a key to the Valorant beta gaming community.

Valorant Videos at Twitch can Also Work Toward Valorant Improvement

Actually, even if one does not succeed in getting an invite, watching the videos streamed by the elite group of beta testers, serves another purpose. Beginners and players who are looking for ways to improve their skills and enhance their stats should watch and learn how top-ranked players execute game plays.

Viewing and reviewing live-streamed Valorant videos at Twitch gives less-skilled players closer looks at how pro-gamers play. These are things that are hard to notice; such as their playing habits, the kind of information pros are tracking and logic behind every position they take.

Those who want to have a more personal learning experience can also engage a rank booster not just as a means to advance further in the Valorant Ranked System. Choosing a booster whom one can watch while playing, can also help a less skilled player achieve valorant improvement in terms of skills development.