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Technological Trends Expected To Be Mainstream By 2020

The globe is continuously being changed by technology. From water speakers that furnishes you with an adequate sound as well as a magnificent show of light and water that seem to be dancing with the music to smartwatches that could be wirelessly connected to smartphones. Check out for water speakers.

The technologies that we have at present and are already used to, have cleared the way for people to further innovate and revolutionize technologies which could definitely have the capacity to transform our lives all the more.

Most of the surfacing trends in technology are indefinable and short-lived whereas several are able to swiftly be incorporated in into different trade and industries. The following are a few of the top trends in tech that are emerging and evolving and are expected to be mainstream in the coming year 2020:

The Internet of Things

Also known as IoT, the Internet of Things has been considerably regarded as a game-changer in automation technology, from household appliances, business equipment, automobiles, to electronic devices that interchange data via the internet and don’t need human interaction for it to operate.

According to an intelligence report on technology, a massive 6 trillion U.S. dollars will be devoted for IoT solutions in the coming years to come. Moreover, the report assessed that in 2017, the IoT devices reached a highpoint of 8.4 billion and is anticipated by 2020 to increase to 30 billion.

The Blockchain Technology

The blockchain technology is a ledger that is decentralized storing and exchanging data for digital currencies. As per Gartner Report, by 2030, this technology is expected to produce 3.1 trillion U.S. dollars in business value. With the aid of state-of-the-art architecture, blockchain facilitates effortless and efficient interactions by means of furnishing transparency as well as lessening the tension throughout commercial entities that is outside the structure.


Cryptocurrency is a virtual money or digital currency created to function as a token of trade or exchange. Transactions with cryptocurrencies are validated via an advanced cryptography that is encrypted to ensure that the entire process and transaction is secured. At present, there are quite a number of digital currencies in the market and cryptocurrency has revolutionized and refashioned the industry of finance.

The potentials and advantages provided by these trends in technology are apparently interminable. Majority of experts and specialists are certain that powering these technologies the society as well as the workforce will undeniably make people’s lives better.