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Potential Players Who Could Make A Difference and Influence The Postseason Races

Bring out your baseball gear, such as those by, since MLB season is here and baseball fans are more than ecstatic. Also, The MLB Trade Deadline has come about which was on July 31st, however a lot of teams continue to optimistic of obtaining impact additions this August. Those would be from their own list of injured players, and the list for possible additions could barely be more superb.

In the United States and Canada, a trade in professional sports league is an arrangement among sports clubs that entails the exchange or swap of professional players from one club or team to another. Although players are the major assets for trading, other assets may also include draft picks as well as cash that may be added to complete a trade. It is either bundled together with the contract of the players to be transferred or swapped to a different team, or as assets that are standalone in trade for the contract of players and/or draft picks.

In Major League Baseball (MLB), a player that is to be later named could be utilized to complete the trade terms at a later time, however draft picks aren’t permissible as assets for trading. On the other hand, a sports deal involving a free-agent player and joins a different team or club doesn’t count as a trade since the player wasn’t bound by any contract to the former team during the period of acquisition.

Potential Players from the MLB Injured List

Here are a few potential players who could make a difference and influence the postseason races this August:

  • Max Scherzer of the Nationals with an inflammation in the shoulder/neck
  • Luis Severino of the Yankees with an inflammation in the rotator cuff
  • Dellin Betances of the Yankees with an injury on the right shoulder/lat
  • Corey Kluber of the Indians with a fractured right arm
  • Matt Carpenter of the Cardinals with a right foot contusion
  • Evan Longoria of the Giants with a strained plantar fascia in his left foot
  • Brandon Lowe of the Rays with a bruised shin
  • Sean Manaea of the A’s with soreness in his right side
  • Yadier Molina of the Cardinals with a thumb injury
  • Jimmy Nelson of the Brewers with elbow issues
  • Ryan Pressly of the Astros with right knee soreness