Most Recent News for Motorcycle Riders

Death rate from motorcycle’s road accidents had reduced in 27 states, increased in around 19 states and the rate remains unchanged in 4 states with the District of Columbia. However, the safety of riding a motorcycle is still on the delayed progress compared to other vehicles. This is a major concern in the road safety nowadays.

Improvements on the road structure, design of the motorcycle with the best motorcycle tires as per the experts and appropriate driver’s license are the safety improvements to take into account for decreasing the motorcycle morbidity rate. However, this does not give much effect to the motorcycle riders.

Safety Riding Gear

The most important motorcycle accessory to used every road trip schedule is the motorcycle helmet. Based on study, it lowers down the death rate and motor injuries. However, as of to date, there is only a few number of state that demand for helmets for all motorcycle riders. Additionally, the utilization rate of the use of helmets in states where the universal law is imposed has higher usage rate. In case you have to opt for the best motorcycle helmet, you may seek the media for your buying decision.

Helmets are the only effective way to avoid injury and death during a motorcycle crash.

Safety programs in conjunction with the helmet laws

Below are some of the safety programs that you must do together with the use of helmet.

Decrease alcohol intake.

Almost 30 percent of motorcycle riders had been killed due to crashes. The alcohol concentration greater than the legal limit had been observed.

Decrease speeding.

The rate of date of about one-third had been accounted to crashes and speeding. This is somehow comparable with about 21 percent.

Assure that motorcycle riders are appropriately licensed.

We may encounter invalid licenses, thus, it is very common. Usage of such license occur mostly twice every two years.

Encourage every motorcycle riders to share the road.

During a motorcycle accident, multiple vehicle accidents usually involves the other driver who generally admit that they have seen that motorcycle riders are usually at fault.