The Blokeyness Index Blokes Win the Gender War in Australia’s 4th Estate

Whether you admit it or not, gender bias affects us all. It is by devaluing mankind and undermining social fabric.

It isn’t just an issue about human rights. Truth is, this is more of a waste of people’s potential and limiting their ability to the fullest.

Discriminating Women’s Ability is Limiting Economy to Achieve its Full Potential

Guaranteeing women’s right and giving them the opportunity to reach fullest potential is vital not just to attain gender equality but also, to meet varieties of goals for international development. Empowered girls and women are contributing to the overall productivity and health of their respective families, communities and country as a whole. Fact is, this create a chain reaction that is benefiting everyone on its path.

The Solution is Rather Simple

To handle gender equality, one key aspect to be considered will be education. Despite the fact that the world is constantly making progress to attain gender parity in school, still girls are making up higher portion of out-of-school children compared to boys. Last piece of consideration to achieve gender equality is centered on political and economic empowerment of women.

Gender Equality is an Issue that’s Long Overdue

Despite the fact that women consist of more than 50 percent of world’s population, would you believe that only 1 percent of them own the world’s wealth? The reason for this is that, girls and women are performing extended hours of work that are unpaid, especially in domestic jobs. If these issues would be addressed, then we might have a shot at attaining gender equality.