Is Espresso Coffee or Coffee Espresso?

Are you more of a coffee or espresso drinker? Do you know the reasons for this or do you know why? Is it due to the type of preparation or rather the coffee beans?

For mum, they would say it’s in the beans and the preparation. When you use the right coffee machine (read reviews at Leascoffee) and the right mix, you should get to the right taste.

What is the difference between espresso and coffee?

First of all: espresso and coffee come from the same coffee plant and are both beverages made from coffee beans. Generally speaking, the difference is in the method of preparation and the roasting time. There are deviations and types of game, which I will discuss later, because what you like or taste is allowed.

For the classic preparation of an espresso, you need a portafilter or fully automatic machine. The machine presses hot water under pressure through finely ground coffee. The crema is created by the pressure. An espresso is a small drink, approx. 30 ml. It also serves as the basis for various mixed milk drinks such as cappuccino or latte macchiato.

Rather, the bialetti, or also called the Italian stove or jug, prepares a strong coffee because it does not produce crema. The classic form of coffee preparation is the brewing method with subsequent filtering. You usually drink coffee without crema, but many coffee drinkers now enjoy their coffee from the fully automatic machine and therefore with crema. As you can see, we already have the first exception to the basic rule.

The roasting makes the difference

The roasting time determines whether an espresso or coffee is made. They are the same beans that we roast gently and slowly. This traditional roasting process breaks down the unwanted acids and the coffee has enough time to develop its full aroma. (That’s why it tastes so good!) After about 18-20 minutes, the coffee beans are roasted for a coffee.

When we roast an espresso, the beans stay in the roaster for a few minutes longer. This will make them darker and taste stronger. Ideal for an espresso or espresso coffee. This expression is actually a fantasy term. Because either you drink an espresso or a coffee. Want to know where else can you get the best coffee beans for roasting? Visit Pontianak.

What is an espresso coffee?

Nowadays supermarkets often offer coffee beans and ground coffee as “coffee espresso”. They mix the terms to appeal to customers. The beans are usually heavily roasted, so strictly speaking espresso beans. But of course you can also make a coffee with them by simply adding more water. In technical terms, this is called an Americano or an extended one.

The other way around is worse. With coffee beans, the espresso tastes too thin for you, because the coffee roast is much milder than with espresso. Coffee powder is perfectly suitable for an Italian stove pot, it’s a matter of taste. As mentioned above, this coffee maker does not produce an espresso, but a coffee.

When do you drink what?

Not only in Italy, many people love an espresso after a meal. A cappuccino or coffee also rounds off a good meal. In Italy you only drink your cappuccino in the morning, with us you can also do it in the afternoon or in the evening. It’s all a matter of taste. When you order an espresso, you get a small, strong drink. Do you also know what a cappuccino or a latte macchiato is made of?

For our hardworking blog readers this may be a matter of course and is now a boring question. However, many coffee drinkers do not know that the basis of a cappuccino and a latte macchiato is a simple espresso. This becomes the popular coffee drink with the addition of milk. If you prefer to drink a classic coffee, it is worth asking the waiter: can I get a filter coffee, a coffee from the stamp can or a café crema?