Current Flow of Events towards Covid-19

Novel Coronavirus or what is now infamously known as Covid-19 from China has already infected hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. And what’s alarming is that the reported cases still keep on rising. As for reporters who are covering the story for the benefit the citizens, they must be able to answer the following questions:

  1. When does the outbreak become pandemic?
  2. How worried people have to be?

As a matter of fact, there are several definitions for this virus as per experts.

In general though, pandemic is explained as a novel pathogen that rapidly spreads between people across international borders together with high probability for mortality rate because people have little to no immunity towards the disease.

It is what it is Now

Regardless the Covid-19 is now declared as a pandemic. Its core originated in Wuhan, China but no specific report about the location. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that the risks among Americans are quite low. What are worrying infectious disease specialists is that, the pathogens can be spread easily from one person to the other through air droplets because it could be hard to scrub. What’s more, respiratory diseases similar to influenza can spread via air droplets.

For those of you who would like to keep themselves free from this virus, infectious disease authorities such as the Center for Infectious Disease and Research Lisa Schnirring highly recommend following social media profiles of credible reports and news channels, experts and public health organization.

Precision and Accuracy

On the other hand, as for journalists, it is imperative to be aware of spreading misinformation, especially on social media given that information can fly in seconds. Just as what happened in Ebola outbreak where there are unfounded panic and overreactions among public brought by incorrect information reported about the disease.

Teamwork would be Critical

Of course, as per personal safety, it is best to utilize transport company that can move all equipment and gears for reporting such as working with trans-euro.pl. This is without a doubt trying times among us now, but with cooperation, we will all be able to pull through this.