Count those Macros with the Best Keto Apps

Ketogenic diet is one of the most in demand dieting programs these days. The diet regimen focus on a high fat and low carb consumption. Various keto cookbook are widely available giving emphasis to this kind of meal combination. But the best keto cookbook based on Naomi Wattson’s opinion is the one that can provide detailed information about ketosis and various keto-friendly recipes enclosed in a weekly meal plan.


Aside from cookbooks and other reference materials for ketosis, social media also offers a big help to keto dieters. Lots of calorie counters and tracking apps can be purchased on social media or can be acquired for free on app stores. While on a keto diet, keep in mind that macronutrients are also important to keep track. That’s why having those kind of apps would help you to achieve your goal.


Macronutrients like the calories, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates are the most essential macros to monitor on a ketogenic diet. Various apps have features to track such nutrients.


Keto Apps That Can Track Macronutrients

Here, we provide some of the best apps that can help you succeed on your ketogenic dieting goal. The apps can assist you to have some tweak in your lifestyle modification.




One of the apps that is very popular on social media is the Keto.app. Whether on Facebook, Instagram, or twitter, you can find tutorials on how this app works. It can monitor your calories, fats, proteins, and net carbohydrates level. Through the use of a barcode, your daily meals can be recorded. But, you can also input it manually. Keto.app is downloadable on Apple store like other iPhone apps marketed on social media.




Very useful for novice keto dieters and even to experts as well, as the MacroTrak is user-friendly. It tracks the calories, carbs , fats, and proteins. A nice feature of this app is that it assists you to establish a target value for the macronutrients in grams based on your BMI. Further, it allows you to enter your food consumption and the app will be in-charge of listing the nutrients from each food. Similar with other keto apps, to help you monitor your status in the keto diet, MacroTrak records your daily history.


Carb Manager


Great feature that makes Carb Manager stands-out from the rest is that it is like a “one-stop shop” which can track all the macronutrients. It contains more than 10,000 foods on its database listing. Moreover, Carb Manager can also able to monitor the daily water consumption and your daily steps. Also, supplements intake are recorded everyday. Data regeneration works for Carb Manager to provide a detailed report once you encoded all your daily data.