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Concerns For Cyclists Safety Versus City Choice Of Color Scheme

In Grote Berg Eindhoven, Germany, concerns for cyclists’ safety over the choice of gray instead of the usual red bicycle lanes at the redesign of the city resulted in various comments from the public.

Many attendees agreed with the broad lines of the (provisional) design of city architect Winy Maas. But certain facets received a lot of criticism. In particular, the decision not to color the bicycle lanes on either side of the road as usual in red, but in a slightly lighter gray shade than the road. The almost two-meter wide bicycle lanes replace the existing, partly detached, cycle paths.

“Incomprehensible”, responds Pieter Nuiten of the Fietsersbond. “This color choice is at the expense of the safety of the many bicycle traffic on the Grote Berg. A street with thousands of traffic movements every day, including many city buses and cars.”

According to municipal project leader Eddy Steenkamp, ​​gray was chosen because this is also the main color in the planned redesign of the city center. ,, With the same color scheme, you emphasize that De Bergen is part of that inner city. And it gives more visual unity. ”

The Decision On The Choice Of City Design

“So what a street looks like is more important than the safety of cyclists?”, Says Sander Vrugt van Keulen, who lives on the Grote Berg. “To me, that sounds like a design decision.” That is also the opinion of chairman Marlous Hermans of Residents Association De Bergen. “It’s great that the street is finally being renovated, but not at the expense of safety.”

The color choice for the bicycle lanes is not her only criticism. They should also replace the birch trees in the street. Birch causes allergic reactions in many people. “

The resident Thea van den Hurk wonders how the dangerous intersection between the Grote Berg, Kleine Berg, Hoogstraat and Willem de Zwijgerstraat can become safer. Project leader Steenkamp: “The traffic lights there are being renewed and adjusted again.”

Due to the great attention paid to the bicycle lanes, other parts of the design received much less attention. What everyone agrees on is the need for redesign. “The Grote Berg can only do it well because now it is a messy, unattractive and busy street,” says a resident of Bergen.

Regardless of the choice of color, cyclists will also have to do their part in ensuring their safety on the road. Ensure that you are geared up with the right safety precautions such as a protective helmet that offers you full protection.

Gray or red? This matter really has to be fully decided on. After all, it’s the general public who benefits from these changes and should really be based on what the public thinks is safe for them, their family, and the community.