Casting the First Stone Tony Abbott and the Awu

Thanks to the unlimited flow of talent and creativity in the past several years, it has become common to see top-rated actors and big budget shown on small screen. Regardless, the way how casting is done for film and TV calls for a completely different set of requirements from actors.

No! Casting for Movies and TV Shows are Done Differently

To give you an example, in movies, the script is already finalized while in TV series, the scripts are just to be written.

Of course, improvisation and creativeness are expected from movies and requires rewriting during and throughout production.

Generally though, the outcome of the movie is already determined even before actors are casted for an audition.

Meaning to say, the producers and directors have an idea of what they wanted for the part.

On TV however, especially on the pilot episodes, this paves new doors for actors to create a role and personality for their character that will determine its path throughout the series. As the viewers tune in to a particular character, the writers will be altering and modifying the script for that character. This is actually where actors become more noticeable for their acting skills and versatility.

TV Castings are not the Same

Needless to say, even the casting for pilots in primetime episodes requires a different take for recurring role in the established show and again, will be different for the casting of guest in one episode.