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Chiropractic Malpractice In Indonesia

In Indonesia, the lawsuits due to malpractice which caused the death of a 33-year-old patient after chiropractic therapy to raise questions of the competence of chiropractors, chiropractors practicing in chiropractic clinics.

Reported cases of malpractice for chiropractors are relatively small. Because negligence chiropractors usually do not produce serious injuries. Most of the cases were related to handling actions, so the injuries were considered not serious according to the standard malpractice case.

Allya Siska felt intense pain in the neck after therapy

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Failure to diagnose a medical condition

Such cases are sometimes tricky and return to how much knowledge and experience the chiropractor expects the patient to have.

Typically, a case like this is a chiropractor presenting himself as an expert who knows everything, no different from a medical doctor. But when the court argued, “I’m just a chiropractor with limited medical training.”

So, does a chiropractor need to be able to diagnose a patient’s spine weakened by metastatic bladder cancer or multiple myeloma? Yes or no. We cannot expect a chiropractor to know what the problem is. But they still need to have medical training and be able to identify problems. If not, send the patient to the doctor.

Treatments that endanger patients

Most of these cases are negligent actions during therapy when creating new injuries or exacerbating existing ones. Negligence can cause hernias, neck injuries, nerve damage, and other injuries.

A more severe result is a chiropractic-induced stroke. This is not a matter of misdiagnosis, but the action of a chiropractor causes a stroke.

How did it happen? Arteries to the brain can rupture or become blocked by actions taken by the chiropractor against the patient’s neck. Vertebral arteries are especially risky because they wrap the neck bone into the head. The chiropractor’s actions can cause clots that block the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain.