Recent US Marshal Rescue of Runaway Children, a Wakeup Call for Parents

news that caught our attention is about the U.S. Marshall’s successful rescue of 72 children who in recent weeks were reported missing in different states. We were also surprised to learn from the Director of U.S. Marshall Service, Donald Washington that more than 421,000 children in the U.S. between ages 3 and 17, who have […]

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Australia Poised to Make Google and Facebook Pay for Publishing Aussie News

The Australian government has drafted a set of codes for Aussie news media to use in bargaining with Google and Facebook over the use of local news content. Australia though is not the first country to take issue over revenues being earned by the two online platforms in relation to advertising revenues collected from news […]

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Press Freedom in the Philippines, in the Throes of Suppression?

There is now widespread belief that the Philippine government is suppressing press freedom, as publishing government criticisms is now being criminalized. The legal basis for actions taken against alleged offenders is the addendum to the broad emergency powers given to incumbent President Rodrigo Duterte, as a means to lead the country in battling the spread […]


Twitch Makes Big Improvement In Ongoing COVID-19 Lockdown

Video streaming platforms had improved greatly in the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown as viewer hours increased massively in different categories and channels. According to StreamElements, Twitch’s live-streaming grew massively at a full 45 percent rate between the months of March and April. Although this live streaming platform is already popular among video gamers, the lockdown period […]


SF Bay Area Public Health Officials Order County Lockdowns

Public health officials in seven counties in the San Francisco Bay Area ordered lockdowns in their respective communities backed by full force of the law. This denotes that any individual found disobeying the restrictions imposed on the communities will be charged with misdemeanor, to be punished by way of fine and/or incarceration. The lockdown orders […]


Does Loneliness Plague Today’s Elderly? – Not Really According to Recent Studies

Loneliness as an epidemic is one of many research subjects being funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Doing so helps government health agencies devise measures that will enable people to break the dangerous cycle of depression loneliness. Although previous reports suggested that loneliness is prevalent among the elderly, two recent but separate studies […]

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Yellow Journalism – The Kind of News Reporting that Changed the Course of American Politics

Many news coming out of the social media has been likened to an age-old publication phenomenon known as “yellow journalism.” it is the kind of news reporting that albeit not having much substance or confirmation of the veracity of the news it carries, strongly draws many readers. Inasmuch as social media reporting has the capability […]


An Australian Journalist Experienced the Difficulty of Covering Trump as Primary Source of News Info

Although the incumbent U.S. president Donald Trump, keeps the news world alive with news developments, not many are aware that those out in the field and assigned to cover Trump’s official activities find it difficult to carry out that particular task. Lenore Taylor, an Australian journalist and editor of The Guardian Australia came to understand […]

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Trump’s “Fake News” Rhetoric Inspires Authoritarian Countries to Enact Fake News Laws

Trump continues to use the phrase “fake news” whenever confronted with reports about his and his administration’s untoward and unconventional behaviors. Journalists are concerned that while other foreign autocratic leaders are now also into using Trump’s “fake news” as their own cudgel to discredit press reports, the proliferation of real “fake news” in the U.S. […]


Types of Journalism to Engage in as Profession

Journalism is a profession in which a writer investigates and reports events by way of print, broadcast or web-based media. Events can be anything that carry useful, significant or critical information that is of interest to different people. Topics of interest may arise out of current issues, concerns or trends that may be political, economic, […]