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Media Reporting About LGBT News: What Are The Basics?

News coverage of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community has been guided by changes in social tolerance, legal proscriptions against homosexual acts, and therefore the desire of gays to cover their sexual orientation to avoid the social stigma attached to homosexuality. Until the mid-twentieth century, the term homosexual was considered obscene, and mainstream newspapers […]


Is it Safe to Order Foods using Food Delivery Service during this Pandemic?

The risk of catching Covid19 virus via food pickup or delivery is low. So don’t fight that cravings of ordering a pizza or any comfort food you want from your favorite restaurant. You can be sure of this as it’s also a statement released by the leading health organization as well as Jodie Dionne-Odom, M.D., […]


How the World is Reacting to Technological Changes?

Let us face it that Covid19 has shown to our faces how important it is to have digital networks as well as service platforms. Just try imagining how our life would be 20 years ago with a slow internet connection; the likes of Netflix, YouTube, social media or video conferencing tools would not become available. […]

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How Video Games Are being Monitored In the United States

For kids and young teens, it’s typical that their parents regulate their League of Legends playtime. Even if it involves buying a new account from third-party apps like These parents believe steadfastly that gaming is a pale activity than playing outside with friends or reading. But if we’re to look this at a bigger […]


Current Flow of Events towards Covid-19

Novel Coronavirus or what is now infamously known as Covid-19 from China has already infected hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. And what’s alarming is that the reported cases still keep on rising. As for reporters who are covering the story for the benefit the citizens, they must be able to answer the following questions: […]


Will A Televised Impeachment Trial At The Senate Be A Good Or Bad Publicity For President Trump’s Reelection Bid?

A lot of things have happened in the past few weeks that shattered the political and economic stability of the United States of America. Perhaps the biggest one that surprised not only the nation but also the whole world is the historic impeachment of US President Donald Trump in Congress, which makes him one step away from being removed […]


What Protection to Seek for Your Device?

There are various components of smartphone experience that basically are matter of personal preferences such as: Specific internal components Expandable storage Screen size Exterior materials Software Features All these things do offer smartphone companies with enough room in differentiating and making unique devices coupled with interesting and exciting selling points. Just among these aspects can […]


Global Market Competition and Standardization

Various US companies have chosen to engage in the international marketing for a great number of reasons. Among the most attractive and appealing from these companies are the new opportunities and market expansion. Standardization and Localization Strategy After a time a company has decided to gone internationally and take over the global market scene, they […]