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After Covid-19 Comes The New Normal

Our lives, our free time, and the economy will change. The world will not be the same after the COVID 19 crisis. Some sectors and companies will benefit more from these changes than others. What we experience in the current crisis with personal isolation and distance rules can become the new normal of our daily life after the COVID 19 pandemic.

The New Normal After Quarantine

The New Normal In Education

School lessons are in crisis mode today – tomorrow, digital learning can be the new standard. Students will have assignment helper UK to be their best friend as digitization is coming into play. Digital gaming is already one of the most important leisure activities. E-Sports is on the verge of becoming an Olympic. Activities are increasingly shifting from the outside to the inside in a digital and virtual world. Hyperscaler, providers of data centers and software for communication infrastructures, cybersecurity, and streaming companies as well as providers of online lessons and games can not only be the main beneficiaries of the current restrictions. They are essential in a social and economic order that wants to minimize and manage biological risks in the future. When online consultations with general practitioners are introduced out of necessity today,

The New Normal in Work

The current crisis will have a lasting impact on the world of work. The new situation has forced many companies to work almost 100 percent from home. We learn in the crash course that there are other ways of working and communicating. Home office, video conferencing, chats, and online seminars will be part of the new normal after Covid-19. We will not forget what we have learned and will also see advantages in a decentralized way of working. As soon as the current Modus Operandi has proven to be resilient in times of crisis, companies could offer their employees a basic option to work flexibly. Software companies, cloud providers, data centers, or cybersecurity companies will see significant long-term growth.

The conversion of the entire entertainment sector to digital applications is also accelerated: downloads of books, podcasts, the audiobook market and of course the streaming of films have massive tailwinds. The trend that has started in recent years will intensify. It is expected that a significant proportion of the new streaming subscriptions will not be canceled after the crisis due to convenience and ease of use.

The current restrictions enable an impressive real-time experiment for comprehensive digitization of all areas of life. We learn to talk, work, consume, and educate without leaving our own four walls. What certain social groups – often referred to as “nerds” – already live will become the new normal for everyone. Companies that already rely on networking will benefit from this. The current crisis will be the turbo of digitization.