4 Films About Social Media That Can Cause Emotional Drain

In modern times like now, social media has become commonplace for everyone. Many positive things can be taken from social media, for example, the existence of an online business that makes it easy for its users to include more people. But not all social media is positive, and in some instances, it has evoked something negative. This is what pushed some filmmakers to draw their films from these social media stories. For more films like these, check out Online filmy.

Here are Four films that will surely catch your attention.


The film, which has three stories from various perspectives on the internet, tells the story of a reporter named Nina Dunham, herself in charge of interviewing a striptease dancer named Kyle who turns out to be under pressure from her evil boss, Nina tries to save Kyle. On the other hand, there are two teenagers named Jason and Frye who make fake accounts on Facebook with the name Jessica.

They also chat with Ben who is quiet and is a school friend. Ben and Jessica were so intense that Ben gave her nude photos. But Jason and Frye disguised as Jessica spread the photo to make Ben ashamed even to hang himself until he was in a coma. Ben’s father, named Rich, tried to find out why his son committed suicide by searching for his son’s friendship on Facebook.



This film tells the story of a teenager named Vee who was playing truth or dare on the internet, incidentally, Vee got a challenge from her audience to do silly acts. At first, the challenges given by the Vee audience were easy and Vee also enjoyed it. But over time the challenges given are even dangerous.


This film tells the story of a girl named Blaire who was watching the suicide video of Laura Barns who is also her school friend. Laura Barns is a victim of cyber bully and she shoots herself in front of her friends. Then, Blaire chatted with her friends via skype, but a mysterious account joined in their video chat. The mysterious account claims to be Laura Barns, who died a year ago. A scary thing happened when Blaire’s computer and her friends were in the power of the mysterious account.


The film, starring Jhon Cho, tells the story of a father named David Kim who lost his only daughter, Margot Kim. The incident made David Kim report it to the police and handled by a female detective. But for 37 hours his daughter remained undiscovered. Feeling frustrated, David Kim finally looked for himself through his daughter’s laptop. Seeing his daughter use social media very often, David traces his daughter’s social media accounts.