Recent US Marshal Rescue of Runaway Children, a Wakeup Call for Parents

news that caught our attention is about the U.S. Marshall’s successful rescue of 72 children who in recent weeks were reported missing in different states. We were also surprised to learn from the Director of U.S. Marshall Service, Donald Washington that more than 421,000 children in the U.S. between ages 3 and 17, who have […]


Is it Safe to Order Foods using Food Delivery Service during this Pandemic?

The risk of catching Covid19 virus via food pickup or delivery is low. So don’t fight that cravings of ordering a pizza or any comfort food you want from your favorite restaurant. You can be sure of this as it’s also a statement released by the leading health organization as well as Jodie Dionne-Odom, M.D., […]

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The Amazing Physical and Mental Benefits of Owning a Dog

Pets come with some amazing advantages. Here’s how caring for a pet can help alleviate distress and worries, lessen stress levels, and even improve your overall wellbeing. Pets, particularly dogs and cats can lessen stress, fear, and depression, get rid of loneliness, motivate you to exercise, and even enhance your cardiovascular strength. Taking good care […]


A brief intro to mass media

In media-based communication, there is less an exchange, but rather the recording of messages and information. These are offered by journalists, radio and television producers. This form of communication can be called media communication or mass communication. The mass media are the sender in this communication process. The press, radio, television, books, films, videos, CDs, […]

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Is WordPress Really Safe to Use?

WordPress is protected, as long as owners,writers, and publishers take website security sincerely and apply best methods. These involve using safe plugins and themes with divi theme promo, having responsible login systems, using security plugins to observe your site, and refreshing routinely. Is the nature of WordPress Secure? The answer would be yes, WordPress is […]

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Australia Poised to Make Google and Facebook Pay for Publishing Aussie News

The Australian government has drafted a set of codes for Aussie news media to use in bargaining with Google and Facebook over the use of local news content. Australia though is not the first country to take issue over revenues being earned by the two online platforms in relation to advertising revenues collected from news […]