Use of electronic media in adolescence

The developments in the field of media are advancing rapidly and media consumption among children and young people is having an increasing impact on leisure time behavior. Milestones in the past few years have been computers, mobile phones, various game consoles, and of course the Internet for searching things such as car cover. Health and […]


How to Write a Fantastic News Story

Headline Composing headlines can be complicated. Too long and the reader will shed curiosity, too brief and writers are not providing sufficient information off to tease the reader to the report. Fragment grammar is recommended as composing an entire sentence can decrease the effect of the headline. It has to be punchy, includes the main […]


How the World is Reacting to Technological Changes?

Let us face it that Covid19 has shown to our faces how important it is to have digital networks as well as service platforms. Just try imagining how our life would be 20 years ago with a slow internet connection; the likes of Netflix, YouTube, social media or video conferencing tools would not become available. […]


타이마사지 – The Health Benefits Of Thai Massage

Today, a lot of people are recognizing the many benefits of massage therapy. Depending on the kind of massage that you require, a massage could ease body pain, relax muscles, correct posture, and even lessen stress. One type of massage that many is actually beneficial is the 타이마사지 or Thai massage. Similar to other kinds […]