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Press Freedom in the Philippines, in the Throes of Suppression?

There is now widespread belief that the Philippine government is suppressing press freedom, as publishing government criticisms is now being criminalized. The legal basis for actions taken against alleged offenders is the addendum to the broad emergency powers given to incumbent President Rodrigo Duterte, as a means to lead the country in battling the spread […]


How Seniors Communicate Using Today’s Technology

Seniors today are linked than ever before. This is crucial as seniors have problems with isolation and isolation that can affect their health and wellbeing. Approximately 2/3 of seniors use the net and smartphone adoption has almost quadrupled in the previous five decades. They utilize technology to connect with family members and to get educational […]

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Best Drones Buying Guide 2020

Drones are changing development work processes all through this digital world. The constant bits of knowledge gave by aerial innovation offer the noteworthy favorable position with regards to finishing ventures on schedule and under spending plan. For the subsequent year running, there has been plenty of best drones for the present time. A lot of […]