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How Video Games Are being Monitored In the United States

For kids and young teens, it’s typical that their parents regulate their League of Legends playtime. Even if it involves buying a new account from third-party apps like These parents believe steadfastly that gaming is a pale activity than playing outside with friends or reading. But if we’re to look this at a bigger […]


Twitch Makes Big Improvement In Ongoing COVID-19 Lockdown

Video streaming platforms had improved greatly in the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown as viewer hours increased massively in different categories and channels. According to StreamElements, Twitch’s live-streaming grew massively at a full 45 percent rate between the months of March and April. Although this live streaming platform is already popular among video gamers, the lockdown period […]


Is Espresso Coffee or Coffee Espresso?

Are you more of a coffee or espresso drinker? Do you know the reasons for this or do you know why? Is it due to the type of preparation or rather the coffee beans? For mum, they would say it’s in the beans and the preparation. When you use the right coffee machine (read reviews […]

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After Covid-19 Comes The New Normal

Our lives, our free time, and the economy will change. The world will not be the same after the COVID 19 crisis. Some sectors and companies will benefit more from these changes than others. What we experience in the current crisis with personal isolation and distance rules can become the new normal of our daily […]