What’s our Level of Vigilance towards Fake News?

There was a time in which an experienced and respected history professor has come face to face with what seems to be a very common yet, controversial problem billions of people are dealing with. It is whether or not to believe on what they have found online. While sitting in front of the screen for […]


Building Cheaply Is Possible With These Smart Tips

With limited financial resources for the home, construction families should carefully define their minimum space and comfort requirements in the course of planning and should not deviate from them in the construction process. Discipline is fundamental in the implementation of these desires to the construction costs. Affordable Ways To Reduce Building Costs of New Homes […]

Media News

Concerns For Cyclists Safety Versus City Choice Of Color Scheme

In Grote Berg Eindhoven, Germany, concerns for cyclists’ safety over the choice of gray instead of the usual red bicycle lanes at the redesign of the city resulted in various comments from the public. Many attendees agreed with the broad lines of the (provisional) design of city architect Winy Maas. But certain facets received a […]