타이마사지 – The Health Benefits Of Thai Massage

Today, a lot of people are recognizing the many benefits of massage therapy. Depending on the kind of massage that you require, a massage could ease body pain, relax muscles, correct posture, and even lessen stress.

One type of massage that many is actually beneficial is the 타이마사지 or Thai massage. Similar to other kinds of massage, Thai massage has its own benefits. Massage therapists make use of gentle pressure as well as stretching techniques similar to yoga in order to relax the entire body. Dating back to about 2,500 to 7,000 years ago, Thai massage is believed to be an ancient practice for body healing.

타이마사지 – Its Health Benefits

Unlike Swedish massage and Shiatsu wherein you tend to fall asleep, 타이마사지is more energetic. Trained massage therapists will stretch your body making use of various yoga-like positions/stretches which actually relives tension in the muscles, increase flexibility in the muscle, improve mobility in the joints, and better blood circulation. Hence, as you allow your body to be more centered, you also reduce your stress levels while you remain actively engaged during the massage treatment.

How Does It Help Reduce Tension in The Muscles?

To ease tension in the muscles, pressure is placed on the feet, fingers, hands, knuckles and thumbs into specific points as you hold a stretch. This aids in relieving and releasing tension and stress in those areas. Tissue compression, acupressure, as well as soft tissue manipulation are some of the techniques involved in this process.

How Is Blood Circulation Improved?

Yoga poses and stretches allows better blood circulation. As Thai massage make use of yoga-like poses and stretches, this then helps improve the circulation of the blood in the body. As you a pose/stretch is held for a certain time, blood flow slows to areas that are targeted. As the pose/stretch is released, blood circulation flows right back into the targeted areas. The shoulder stand, plough s well as the spinal twists are especially effective in bettering blood circulation.

How does It Help In Boosting the Immune System of the Body?

One of the best benefits of Thai massage is that it helps in boosting the immune system of the body. As the nervous system is invigorated through the massage, toxins are released as circulation is improved which helps increase immunity against diseases thus leads to the longevity of life.

With these numerous benefits, it is then imperative to get regular massage even if we have a busy schedule so as to have not only an improved physical health, but mental health as well.